Research, editorial content, social media, public relations, event management for ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s #MobilityLifeBalance campaign.


  • Researching a fact book
  • Public Relations
  • Editorial Content: writing online magazine articles and Social Media posts
  • Event organization: ZF Zeppelin launches
  • Creating storylines for the #ZFonAir interview video series

Emissions, expenses, congestion: For many people, mobility mainly means stress. ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, meets these challenges with its comprehensive system solutions. With its 2019 #MobilityLifeBalance campaign, the Group wanted to show how advanced and intelligent technologies can serve everyday mobility needs. Right from the start, it was clear that to live up to its own claims, this kind of campaign needed to be based on hard facts

The Project

Facts and Figures about #MobilityLifeBalance


studies evaluated


Zeppelin flights



Shortlisting for the

German PR Awards 2020

Know the facts, create the truth – DIE WORTWERKSTATT researches and writes

It is a widespread feeling throughout society that there is a gap between the promise of mobility and what actually happens on expressways, on trains or at bus stops. But how can this feeling be quantified, with verifiable figures? Because that’s what’s required to create a solid foundation for effective PR work.

As an industry insider for mobility and technology, DIE WORTWERKSTATT was ideally positioned to take on this task. Through in-depth research, we created an internal fact book for ZF and all agencies involved in the #MobilityLifeBalance campaign. Among other things, we found out which cities suffer from the most traffic jams, how long people commute to work on average, what distances are traveled in everyday life, and much more.


This comprehensive collection of studies on all aspects of mobility served us well in our PR work in the run-up to and during the campaign. This applied not only to our own editorial contributions such as press releases, advertorials, social media posts and magazine articles, but also to the activities of the lead agency.

Up, up and away with the ZF Zeppelin

Planned as a large-scale campaign, ZF naturally wanted to raise corresponding awareness for #MobilityLifeBalance. That’s why the company also launched a real-life Zeppelin to promote the initiative. The airship hovered over the Formula E circuit in Berlin, the IAA in Frankfurt, and the New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden. ZF also held a lottery to let people win a boarding pass and take on the skies.


DIE WORTWERKSTATT was on site as part of “Ground Control.” We branded the anchor vehicles at the airfield as well as the shuttles for the passengers. We also created thematically appropriate leaflets for the various events and assisted with the design and organization of the exhibition stand at the New Pop Festival.  We further came up with the storylines for a new video format: in the #ZFonAir interview series, ZF experts spoke at lofty heights about the goals the Group wants to achieve with its mobility solutions.


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