Let the
games begin!

Event management, website concept, social media, content, public relations for Recaro Gaming GmbH & Co. KG

Our Services:

  • Consulting and concepts for core messaging and unique selling points
  • Event management: organization in the run-up to and on-site at GAMESCOM 2019.
  • Social Media: Editorial and community management
  • Concept and copywriting of market launch website
  • Organization and supervision of photo shoot
  • Copy writing, layout and editing of the product manual
  • Production and shipping of giveaways
  • Public relations: press tour for the market launch, handling of journalists at GAMESCOM 2019

Video gaming and all its accessories set new sales records every year. So-called gaming chairs, whose design is explicitly geared to the needs of players, are also part of this segment. Seating expert Recaro and its newly founded subsidiary Recaro Gaming set up to conquer this market as a new business – with a product that meets the company’s own high standards in quality and design. The task was to hold its own against established competitors, excite a new audience for Recaro, and at the same time remain true to the core of the brand.

The Project

Brand marketing with long-time agency partner DIE WORTWERKSTATT

A perfect job for DIE WORTWERKSTATT. We have been supporting Recaro in marketing and public relations since 1987 and know the brand inside out. Accordingly, we were deeply involved in this undertaking. The first task was to define a clear profile for the new seat. What are its outstanding features, how does the Recaro Exo differ from the gaming chairs of the competition, how can these unique selling points be communicated in a concise and targeted manner? During a workshop with the client, we explored and sharpened the messaging on which all further activities were to be based. These included, among others, the following aspects…

Website concept for the market launch of the Recaro Exo

The Recaro Exo positions itself clearly at the top of the market in terms of quality, design, and ergonomics. This had to be reflected by the website that went online for the product launch. The site not only had to explain the form and function of the gaming seat in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. It also had to match the corporate identity and brand history that Recaro has consistently established for its subsidiaries over more than 100 years. The DIE WORTWERKSTATT team thus came up with the concept and layout, defined the visual language, organized a photo shoot, and wrote fitting copy.

Community management for Recaro Gaming

Of course, the website did not remain the only digital channel. Social media, but also the classic newsletter played an important role in generating buzz, educating – and entertaining – the audience for the market launch. We created and posted content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the email newsletter. We helped establish a community of interested gamers and managed it over several months. And this beyond the virtual world: The first 300 buyers of the Recaro Exo enjoyed a special giveaway, produced, and shipped by us, shining with a noble metal look and feel. And every gamer who secured one of the new seats assembled it with the help of the manual designed, written, and copy-edited by us.

Press and public relations, event management „in real life“

We also jumped from the virtual realm to real life when it came to press relations.  For example, DIE WORTWERKSTATT’s Managing Director Tilman Schäfer toured across Germany as interim press spokesman for Recaro Gaming to present the new seat to trade magazines such as CHIP, Computer Bild and PC Games Hardware. However, the biggest and most important trip took Recaro Gaming and us to Cologne in the summer of 2019. For the appearance at GAMESCOM – Europe’s largest trade show for video games – we designed the Recaro Gaming booth, organized its setup, and provided advice and support. After all, a premium product like the Recaro Exo Gaming Seat must be properly staged.


Summary: Gained experience points, level up the client, public relations achievement unlocked!

“Challenges are there to be conquered. In DIE WORTWERKSTATT, we have found a reliable partner from the very beginning of our company. They are always at our side for all matters of design, but also of consulting and event organization. And that applies to both conception and implementation.”

Danny Lang

Jr. Art Director, UX-Manager, RECARO Gaming

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