Concept –
creativity backed
by experience

Successful communication is only possible with elaborate concepts. What are the key messages? What is the right format and what are the right channels? How do your topics fit into a consistent, appealing storyline? With us, you get reliable answers to all these questions – based on experience, creativity and a sure eye for trends and organizational details.

Corporate publishing

Innovative products, international locations, a new sustainability campaign – your company has a lot to tell. To ensure that these messages reach your audiences, we position these topics in an exciting and competent way in your corporate media. This creates readable and informative stories that keep your customers, employees and other stakeholders up to date, both on- and offline.

  • Concept, editing, layout and production
  • Customer magazines on- and offline
  • Employee newspapers and newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures of all kinds

Topic management & storytelling

Targeted communication follows a central idea: Together with you, we identify long-term topics and develop an overarching storyline. Based on this, we plan coordinated publications in your various channels, so that individual news components form a consistent and comprehensive picture of your company.

  • Topic workshops
  • Cross-channel content planning
  • Development of storylines

Trade fairs and events

We develop events that leave a lasting impression on your guests. This applies to the next trade fair as well as to your customer event or your company anniversary. Whenever you want to stand out with original and high-quality events, we deliver convincing information and entertainment programs – and the right content that conveys your messages with a lasting effect.

  • Concept, organization and support of all kinds of events
  • Conference
  • Opening
  • Product launch
  • Press workshop
  • Company anniversary
  • Trade fair appearance


Lights out, spotlight on: campaigns move your highlight topic from the everyday communications arena to the center of attention. In special format series, special editions or microsites, we present different angles of your topic, let experts have their say and create a link to the issues that concern your audience.

  • Conception of campaign-specific media
  • Comprehensive and cross-channel topic planning
  • Storytelling


If you want to create or develop a brand, you have to keep the big questions in mind as well as countless details: What do we stand for? How do we want to be perceived? And what exact color tone do we use in our logo? We support you in finding the branding that perfectly fits your company.

  • Consulting and workshops for brand development
  • Internal and external surveys
  • Communication concept for rebranding
  • Name development processes
  • Corporate design and logo



The famous blank canvas

Relaunch for motorcycle heritage brand Horex – from logo to press event

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Wortwerkstatt_Koerber Management-Tag_01

Management conference “above the clouds”

Conception and organization of a management event for Körber Supply Chain

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Namensfindung für Marken: Namensvorschläge an Pinnwand // Brand name development: name suggestions on a flipchart

Piecing together the right name

Brand name development, legal trademark audit and linguistic-cultural review for Körber Supply Chain

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Wortwerkstatt-RECARO Gaming (1)

Let the games begin!

Event management, website concept, social media, content, public relations for Recaro Gaming GmbH & Co. KG

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Wortwerktstatt_IMOT_Referenz (1)

Going full throttle for a Motorcycle Trade Show

Event management, social media and content for Germany’s international motorcycle trade show IMOT

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Logo der Sonderausstellung IMOT-e

IMOT-e: E-mobility meets motorcycle industry

Concept, production and support for the IMOT-e special exhibition

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Wortwerkstatt_Koerber Logimat_01

Multi-media eye-catcher

Concept, design, and on-site support of the Körber Supply Chain booth at the LogiMAT trade fair

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Staged (and stacked) most effectively

Concept and design of the showroom for Riantics in Denmark

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Wortwerkstatt_EFD Perspektive_01

A fresh „Perspektive“

Internal communications for Emil Frey Deutschland

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FKFS Fahrsimulator

Highlighting an extraordinary testing facility

Corporate Publishing on the FKFS wind tunnel

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